Illustration portfolio
  • The Nature Conservancy's fundraising collateral for Great Bay by Jim Grenier dba Renegade Studios

    Collateral piece For The Nature Conservancy's fundraising efforts for New Hampshire's Great Bay. I needed to convey the scope of the project through panoramic photographs as well as focus on the details of the flora and fauna which required protection.

  • Ouija board mousepad for W.A. Wilde by Jim Grenier dba Renegade Studios

    One of an award-winning series of gameboard-based mousepads for a W.A. Wilde marketing promotion.

  • Market Street Lists almanac catalog by Jim Grenier dba Renegade Studios

    This list broker wanted to set his company apart from his competition and he came up with the idea of an almanac instead of a typical catalog. I used many old illustrations from the Dover collection throughout the 96 pages.

  • Oridion marketing toolkit collateral Marcom Guide binder and slipcase by Jim Grenier dba Renegade Studios

    Israel-based Oridion asked me to design a kit to help their customers explain the benefits of their capnography technology to the public. I designed pages of information, a CD-ROM with images and files including printable posters, etc.

  • Siemens marketing postcard for a tradeshow by Jim Grenier dba Renegade Studios

    The client wanted an exciting show exhibit to create floor "buzz." I created the "Amazon" logo and used the brightest colors in their corporate palette on many related show graphics, mailings, advertisements, etc.

  • Utilities Supply catalog cover by Jim Grenier dba Renegade Studios

    Knowing that a cover is critical to a product catalog I designed a whole new direction for Utilities Supply, introducing the concept of a spokesperson at the same time. This is but one of a series.

  • newsletter for Waters Lithograph written, illustrated and designed by Jim Grenier dba Renegade Studios

    Waters Lithograph commissioned me to not only design and produce their quarterly newsletter, but had me write and illustrate it. Having deep technical insight and experience with print technologies made me an obvious choice for this project.

  • A series of postcards produced for a regional insurance firm by Jim Grenier dba Renegade Studios

    The lowly postcard can be made into powerful marketing with the right message and graphics. With small postcards, it is important to keep messages and graphics simple and direct.

  • A trifold direct mail project for ONI MRI equipment by Jim Grenier dba Renegade Studios

    A three-panel direct mail piece for ONI's dedicated MRI equipment. The message is bold and clear and it boasts a strong incentive.

  • Wheelabrator's desktop emergency kit designed and produced by Jim Grenier dba Renegade Studios

    I designed a waterproof mini-folder with pullouts including step-by-step instructions, contacts and more for a variety of possible Wheelabrator emergencies. It was designed to fit under the standard desktop telephone so it would be instantly available.

  • Product collateral for IT equipment for Memotec by Jim Grenier dba Renegade Studios

    Typical covers for a series of product sheets for Memotec IT equipment.

  • Product collateral for Argos' Framer software by Jim Grenier dba Renegade Studios

    I developed a variety of materials for Finland-based Argos' architectural software products. Framer for Wood is typical of the work I did for them.


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I have limited all my portfolios to what best represents my work. In some cases there may be a dozen or more examples and in other cases, fewer. I also refrained from creating portfolios for every area of my skillset, concentrating on the primary ones.

The reason for this is simple. After decades of work in a wide range of media and markets, trying to show more is simply an overkill. It is unprofessional to try to show everything, so try to judge me on the overall quality of what you see here and what you read in my testimonial section.

Chances are you will like and appreciate many things, even if they may not be your style.