Illustration portfolio
  • Logo, logotype for Ace Software by Jim Grenier dba Renegade Studios

    The owner named it Ace so it would be first in the yellow pages. I'm not kidding. So I created a logo with a more heroic and memorable slant.

  • Logo, logotype for Golden Harbor brand packaging by Jim Grenier dba Renegade Studios

    Golden Harbor was a brand name for a Sustainable Seafoods product line. I created an osprey clutching his catch as their brand symbol. The company owner now has this logo tattooed on his arm.

  • Allstar logo for Journeyman Basketball by Jim Grenier dba Renegade Studios

    This logo speaks for itself.

  • Wheelabrator corporate standards manual by Jim Grenier dba Renegade Studio

    WMX subsidiary Wheelabrator came to me to develop their corporate standards manual. It details the dimensions, colors, position, usage of their logo in any media application. A must-have for larger companies.

  •  etCO2 capnography branding logo by Jim Grenier dba Renegade Studio

    This idea was born in a marketing program theme I conceived for Oridion. It is a logo for branding a technology rather than a company or product.

  • Internet software logo by Jim Grenier dba Renegade Studio

    A product logo for a "parental oversight" computer application. I planned to have the web icon eyes follow the cursor on the screen.

  • Logo, logotype for Sustainable Seafood by Jim Grenier dba Renegade Studio

    Logo development often begins with a set of "cartoons" to help zero in on on a good concept. This is an example of ideas I pitched. The client chose the bottom one.

  • Bluecollar basketball logo by Jim Grenier dba Renegade Studio

    My client Journeyman Basketball has me do a few internal logos each year. When they came up with a need for "Blue Collar" this was my interpretation.

  • Hometown Advantage logo, logotype for Wheelabrator by Jim Grenier dba Renegade Studio

    Hometown Advantage is program to invite local communities to learn more about the advantages of a refuse-to-energy plant. Wheelbrator needed a logo that said "friendly, local and important."

  • Great Works logo, logotype by Jim Grenier dba Renegade Studio

    The carpentry client wanted to convey quality woodworking yet with a bit of playfulness. The curling of wood shavings from a plane became the inspiration.

  • ezOrders logo for W.A. Wilde, logotype by Jim Grenier dba Renegade Studio

    W.A. Wilde had a new online interface for their fulfillment department and asked for a brand logo and other items like feature and navigation icons and a CD-ROM Flash presentation. This is the logo I designed for them.


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I have limited all my portfolios to what best represents my work. In some cases there may be a dozen or more examples and in other cases, fewer. I also refrained from creating portfolios for every area of my skillset, concentrating on the primary ones.

The reason for this is simple. After decades of work in a wide range of media and markets, trying to show more is simply an overkill. It is unprofessional to try to show everything, so try to judge me on the overall quality of what you see here and what you read in my testimonial section.

Chances are you will like and appreciate many things, even if they may not be your style.